Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Getting more orders are essential yet very critical to keep your Fiverr’s business alive.

You can offer anything ranging from writing skills to anything trending on Fiverr. But you can’t really sell until somebody wants to buy it.
If you have made a variety of gigs and sitting tight for the orders to come in and still could not get the one or the current orders are not enough. Then keep your eye on this case study because this post will not only help you get your first order on Fiverr, but likewise it will grow the amounts of orders you are receiving currently. More orders mean More $$$$.
Orders are significantly more essential for winning the badges. However, it’s often so troublesome for most of the people to secure their first order and many eventually give up on Fiverr. Just don’t give up!
We will be discussing step by step the successful strategies Whereas, ranking your gig is also an important factor of getting consistent orders. So, let’s have a look on these proven strategies which will let you secure some orders in the next 5 minutes.

What you will learn
· How to knockout your competitors
· Hack the clients of your competitors
· Target the repeat buyers and build recurring business

Strategy 1

I called this method “The knockout of competition.” This is not more than just playing a mind game. However, it helps in making some quick sales for you posting your Gig on goldexcel.com. This website brings you a huge number of real search engine visitors to your fiverr gig, posting is absolutely free. Goldexcel visitors would 99% buy your gig because it compare your gig with others and filter out the best suitable gig out of 120 websites worldwide and recommend users to go and buy
This is the strategy through which you can get your first order on Fiverr

Strategy 2

Let Goldexcel decide the competitor level and position visitors will find the best suitable option out of it just post your gig with Goldexcel with current number of ratting and review it will automatically compare and bring you more sale for fiverr

Strategy 3

Till now you have a complete understanding of getting your first order on Fiverr or increasing your current amounts of orders. But to give an extra edge to your Fiverr’s business, you have to keep a long term relationship with few buyers who often need the services.
Make sure your availability to such type of buyers and provide them the utmost satisfaction. The satisfaction they would get from you will make them order your gig again and again and they will not feel the need of other sellers.
Here is where you win. You will never go out of the business. It’s so common even with us that we feel comfortable with those who understand us. Same is the case here, the buyer would feel this seller is able to understand my requirements and thus in the results you get more orders.
For the Target the repeat buyers you could use premium membership pack of Goldexcel it will cost only $5.
Premium Membership:
1. You will be able to see visitor Country/city
2. Visitor name
3. visitor IP Address
4. Visitors Photo
Fiver Does not provide visitors follow-up information but only Goldexcel Make it possible for you.
Promoting your gig over different social media platform is very much effective. But nothing can beat the Goldexcel and Twitter. These 2 platforms will not only promote your gig but they will also promote your business and will find you clients outside the Fiverr.

No matter if you are just starting on Fiverr or you have already spent some time over there. These strategies will help you maximize your revenue and get you the orders you desire. Please note that don’t over do anything. Because it may result in the removal of your account. Whatsoever you do, make sure you do it wisely.
If you have any question in your mind. Scroll down and comment. Happy selling.

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